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Man Kicks Pregnant Muslim Woman In Stomach

A British man has been charged with racially aggravated assault after kicking a pregnant Muslim woman in the stomach, causing her to lose her unborn twins.

David Gallacher, 37, assaulted a pregnant Somalian woman in Bletchley, England, on Aug. 6, 2016, as she was walking out of a supermarket with her husband, according to the International Business Times. The unnamed woman, noticeably pregnant, was wearing a head scarf. Gallacher directed racial remarks at the couple and then kicked the woman in the stomach, causing her to fall to the ground. He then beat the husband, an attack that did not lead to substantial bodily harm.  

According to The Sun, the unnamed woman revealed that while she knew she was pregnant, she was unaware that she was carrying twins until medics informed her that she lost both unborn children as a result of the attack.

The woman -- already a mother of four -- and her family have fled their home out of fear of a retaliation attack. Her husband has left his job as a taxi driver to take care of his reportedly traumatized wife full-time.

Police finally arrested Gallacher on Sept. 14, according to the International Business Times. The 37-year-old attacked the three police officers and is now facing additional counts of attacking a constable.

"David Gallacher, aged 37 years, of no fixed abode was charged on Wednesday with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm, one count of assault by beating, two counts of racially/religiously aggravated assault and three counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of his/her duty," a police spokesperson said.

In the U.S., an attack leading to miscarriage is considered murder in the eyes of the law, as a fetus in utero is considered to be a legal victim under the 2004 Unborn Victims of Violence Act. However, the BBC reports that it is not considered murder to kill an unborn child in the U.K.

"Whatever moral standpoint you take, in the eyes of the law an unborn child is not a person, so you can't be charged with murdering an unborn child and you can't be charged with assaulting an unborn child," said Alison Mafham, a defense lawyer not associated with Gallacher's case.   

For causing the unwanted miscarriage of two unborn children, Gallacher will only face a count of actual bodily harm, and could face a maximum sentence of five years and/or a fine, according to In Brief.

Gallacher has received bail and is expected to appear in court March 14. 

Sources: International Business Times, The Sun, Unborn Victims of Violence Act, BBC, In Brief / Photo Credit: jf01350/Flickr

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