Man’s 'Miracle' Yoga Recovery Opposed By Some In His Church (Video)

Mike Persi had been unable to walk without help for 33 years, but recently took his first steps.

But not everyone in his church, Abundant Living Las Vegas, is happy about this apparent miracle (video below).

This journey began when church member John Taylor prayed for a Biblical healing of Persi, who was in a car accident when he was 27. Persi was unable to walk, and has had difficulty speaking without stuttering, notes Alternet.org.

Soon after Taylor's prayer, an acquaintance sent Taylor's wife a video about a man who was in a similar situation as Persi, but was able to improve through yoga exercises.

Mitch Menik, who self-identifies as a Christian and a yoga instructor, took Persi into his home for some intense yoga treatment. As a result, Persi took his first steps and has been able to stand.

Pastor Bob Perry of Abundant Living Las Vegas has been supportive of the yoga treatments, and told BuzzFeed, "I told Mike to pray, to hear from God, and to be led by peace."

But some church members don't like the progress in Persi's health because yoga has centuries-old roots in Hinduism, so they reject this as a "miracle" from God.

Some church members have left the church because of Perry's support of Persi's healing through yoga.

In response, Perry says, "They are well-meaning people who have listened to myths and wrong teachings of the Bible."

Supportive members in the church have contributed to a GoFundMe page to pay Menik for his time and care of Persi.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Alternet.org, GoFundMe
Image Credit: Vimeo Screenshot


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