Man Reportedly Attacked With Pickax Handle Over Conversion From Islam To Christianity (Photos)


A photo of a man who was allegedly assaulted over his conversion from Islam to Christianity went viral.

Nissar Hussain was pictured in hospital after reportedly being assaulted with a pickax handle in his hometown of Bradford, England. According to the Daily Mail, Hussain went outside of his house to move his car when he was attacked by two men. 

The men reportedly used a pickax handle, as well as their fists, to assault Hussain.

“I felt like I was holding on for dear life,” Hussain, a professional landlord, said. 

Hussain told Daily Mail he and his family have been threatened many times and their property and cars have been damaged repeatedly since they converted to Christianity in 1996. Hussain appeared in a documentary about converting from Islam on Britain's Channel 4 in 2008.

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“It all happened so fast that I was unable to react. I remember just walking out of the gate and putting my foot off the curb. Next thing I saw was a pickax coming towards me. On instinct I tried to cover my head with my arms but the force of the blow knocked me back and my heel clipped the curb to send me to the ground. I also hit my head on the wall which gave me a concussion but I was still conscious. I continued to block their shots to my head with my arms while on the ground but as soon as they realized that, they just began attacking my legs.”

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The photo of Hussain in hospital quickly went viral, garnering almost 1 million views on Imgur in five hours.

Sources: Reddit, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Imgur, Daily Mail

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