Man Refused Dental Surgery, Claims to be Healed by Pat Robertson's Prayers (Video)


A man named "Darren" claims 700 Club host Pat Robertson and co-host Terry Meeuwsen healed him from a jaw infection via anonymous prayer.

During a recent CBN segment, entitled “Jaw Infection Healed by Miracle Prayer,” Darren said, "It was so excrutiating that I couldn't even open my mouth at times. It was hard to even eat, sleep, talk."

A dentist recommended surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, but Darrin refused (video below).

"I did not want to do it whatsoever," recalled Darren. "I tried different prescription pills and things to ease the pain, but it didn't cure it all together."

Of course, it's commonly recognized as good dentistry to remove a wisdom tooth, which may be crowding other teeth or opening up crannies and gum flaps for infection.

But CBN claims on its web page that professional dental care was not in God's plan: "When the infection spread to his jaw, surgery appeared to be the only option. God had another plan."

Darren refused to take his dentist's sound advice, but did watch the 700 Club in June 2013. That's when he saw Robertson and Meeuwsen praying for an unknown person’s wisdom tooth.

“I didn’t even think of it at first,” said Darren. “And then I’m like, ‘My jaw isn’t hurting anymore.’ That’s when I realized that was for me.”

Darren is now telling others about his refusal to undergo treatment for his infection and reliance on prayers instead.

"I tell others and it just encourages them," added Darren. "No matter how small or how great... He's there and He's the great creator, the great healer and He's there to help us."

However, there is no mention in the Bible that people should refuse medical care.

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