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Man Crashes Into Several Cars, Blames Devil (Video)

An unidentified 25-year-old man recently crashed his pickup truck into several parked cars and moving vehicles in East Lansing, Michigan, an incident he blamed on the devil (video below).

"At first I thought he just swerved off the road like normally, but then I saw him continue, so I assumed that there was something wrong with him," Cel Bernal, a witness, told WILX.

Bernal, a cook at the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, saw the pickup truck fly down a highway ramp and into some vehicles at his workplace:

He was coming pretty fast at least 60 miles an hour. The way the fence is you can see that he jumped on top of the fence, and it kind of crumbled.

Everyone was pretty scared, especially once he got out the car, and you could see his facial expressions that he was just laughing and smiling.

After slamming into several parked vehicles, including the cafe's delivery van, the pickup truck drove out onto the road and hit five more cars.

Witnesses recalled that the driver got out of the pickup truck, said the devil made him do it and fled on foot.

He reportedly checked into a local hotel and asked for room number "666," the sign of the... devil.

However, that sneaky old devil wasn't finished as he reportedly did some damage to two fire alarms at the hotel.

Police Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth had a less supernatural explanation for this wild chain of events that ended in the arrest of the driver:

It appears that maybe prescription medications or some sort of narcotic played a role in what happened this morning. ...

It could have ended up being a one-car accident, but ended up being a multiple-car accident and only one fairly minor injury from that accident so we're thankful for that.

While the devil got blamed in Michigan, God was credited for sparing an apartment from the ravaging East Tennessee wildfires.

Facebook user Margie White Dill posted a picture of the apartment near the fire line with this caption on Nov. 29:

If you don't believe in prayer let me tell you about it. My friend Brian has an apartment in Gatlinburg he evacuated yesterday afternoon his moms friends (and my friend).

Got on FB and asked for prayer. Well my mom and all her friends started to pray for Brian's family their safety and of course they didn't lose all there things and home.

Well they got the call today it was safe to go back home and well look. God answered prayer God told the fire you can't cross this line and he drew a line in the dirt. Even fire obeys Gods commands.

So far, the posting and picture have over 7,000 likes, and over 2,000 shares.

NBC News reported on Dec. 1 that eleven people have died in the wildfires that started in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park. According to incident commanders, a human triggered the wildfires with a Chimney 2 Fire that was reported on Nov. 23.

The commanders said the fire expelled embers into high winds in the drought-ridden area, and new fires were raging by Nov. 28.

Sources: WILXMargie White Dil/Facebook, NBC News / Photo credit: WILX via YouTube

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