Man Charged for Assaulting Woman He Thought was a Muslim (Video)


Stuart Manning was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman that he thought was Muslim in Tulsa, Okla.

The unidentified victim was Lebanese and wearing a headscarf.

After she parked outside a deli and got out of her car, Manning yelled at her for parking too close to his vehicle (video below).

“Hey, you f------- b---- Muslim, why did you get so close to my car?” Manning reportedly said. “Muslim b-----!”

After she left the deli, the woman says she saw Manning pulling a knife out of one of her car tires, noted KRMG.

According to a witness, she asked Manning, “Why did you do that?”

Manning then allegedly hit her in the face with a fist, after which she pulled his glasses off.

The witness wrote down Manning’s license plate number, and police pulled him over later in the day.

Manning identified the glasses, but could not recall how he had lost them, reports KJRH.

He was charged with assault and battery, malicious injury to property and malicious intimidation.

Sources: KJRH and KRMG


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