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Man Carrying Bible Goes on Profane Rant in Restaurant (Video)

An unidentified man carrying a Bible recently went ballistic inside an In-N-Out hamburger restaurant in Redding, Calif.

According to, the man was holding the front door open for people, but restaurant employees informed him that he would have purchase some food or leave.

An unidentified bystander filmed the man going on a tirade (video below).

"Was that worth it?" yelled the man. "Was that worth someone coming in here and yelling, someone bitching about someone holding a f------ door for people?"

"I'm a f------ Christian and I'm going to stand up for f------ Christians," added the man. "F--- this country! The f------- police, they ain't doing s---."

Ironically, In-N-Out is owned by the Snyder family who include Bible verses on restaurant cups, wrappers and French fry containers, noted



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