Man Calls Radio Station to Complain About Pro-Gay Song 'Same Love' (Video)

The song “Same Love,” by rapper Macklemore, advocates same-sex marriage and is a top 40 hit.

However, not everyone likes the tune.

A man who opposes gay marriage repeatedly called into 92.9 FM in South Bend, Ind. and expressed his displeasure at the station for playing the song.

Finally, DJ Artimis agreed to speak to the caller, who identified himself as "Craig," noted The Huffington Post.

A video (below) of their on-air conversation was placed on the radio station's Facebook page.

"I'm not going be listening to your radio staton no more, promoting your homosexuals and your gay tendencies... I’m a Christian, I’m a God-fearing man and I know those gays don’t have no place in America,” stated Craig. 

"You understand that God accepts all people, right?" asked DJ Artimis.

"No, God doesn't love all people. He loves people who are living life by the book, the way it's supposed to be," responded Craig.

Craig said his son was trying to get him to listen to the song, to which DJ Artimis countered: “Your son is obviously trying to get you out of the lifestyle in which you live, of hating people because of who they love.”

Craig responded with a double-negative: “He doesn’t know no better, alright. He’s not old enough to understand.”

DJ Artemis replied: “Promise me that you’ll never listen to this station again and that you’ll never call in again… The problem is that you’re living in the past, sir. We live in 21st century. America is the land of the free and you should be able to love whoever you want.”

"And I need to be free of gays," said Craig.

Sources: Facebook and The Huffington Post


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