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No Mail Delivery Due To Religious Reasons? (Video)

A letter carrier in Bremerton, Washington, is reportedly refusing to deliver mail to some stores possibly because of religious reasons (video below).

"I think she has a personal problem with marijuana and does not want to come into the store because that's what we sell," Kathy Hartwell, the owner of Pacific Cannabis, told KOMO.

Hartwell recalled that she had gotten several notices at another business saying her mail could not be delivered to Pacific Cannabis and that she had to go to the post office to pick it up.

Hartwell checked her surveillance camera video and saw the letter carrier walking past her store on the same days that she got the notices. Despite the fact that the store was reportedly open at the time, the letter carrier did not enter the business to deliver the mail.

One time, the letter carrier reportedly gave Hartwell's mail to a customer to deliver, which Hartwell said is illegal.

"I used to work for the postal service as a rural carrier and I know that you can't give parcels or mail to anyone except the correct recipient," Hartwell told the news station.

Hartwell said she complained to the post office. 

"They told me that they would not be delivering mail here and we would need to mount a box to the outside of the building," Hartwell added. "But they decided to back her instead of insisting that she do her duties."

Hartwell said she believes that mounting an outside mailbox is impractical because of instances of theft.

Another marijuana store said it has also had problems getting its mail.

And Barbie Bowland, the manager of Elmo's Adult Books and Video, has had mail delivery problems and was told that it was because of religious reasons.

Bowland built a small mailbox right inside the store so the letter carrier can just crack the door open and drop in the mail.

"And I don't care what their reason is, it's still a job and they still have to bring in our mail, so this was our compromise," Bowland said.

Bremerton Post Office Public Information Officer Ernie Swanson said in a statement: "The Postal Service apologizes for the customer's inconvenience. Mail service is being provided to the businesses."

Swanson gave a similar statement to the Kitsap Sun, but Hartwell told the newspaper on June 6 that she was still not receiving her mail.

The Kitsap Sun did not hear back from Swanson on a follow-up question about the mail delivery problem.

Sources: KOMO, Kitsap Sun / Photo Credit: KOMO via YouTube

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