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Maddy Blythe, 12, Kicked off Christian School Football Team Over 'Impure Thoughts' of Boys (Video)

Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Ga., recently removed 12-year-old Maddy Blythe from their football team because the boys on the team might have "impure thoughts" (video below).

Blythe had four or five sacks while playing for the school's football team last year.

"My mom counts it that I had five sacks. I count it as four," she told WSB-TV. "The entire crowd thought it was one of their boys, and when they saw my number and looked at the roster and saw it was me, standing ovation right there."

However, playing good defense is not enough to keep her on the team. The head of the school claimed that he prayed about it and told her that she would no longer be able to play.

“Just for the fact that because I’m a girl, which I think is completely outrageous,” Blythe said.

Her mom, Cassy Blythe, created a Facebook page entitled “Let Her Play” to gain public support.

Cassy wrote on the Facebook page that the head of the school believes “the locker room talk might be a bit much for her to handle,” which implies that the Christian male players are not following the Bible themselves.

The head of the school allegedly “quoted the Bible by saying that men and women are created equal, but different and therefore should not be allowed to play the same sports.”

However, rules for sports are not mentioned in the Bible.

Source: WSB-TV and Facebook


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