Luke Monrose, Follower Of Conspiracy Theorist David Icke, Drowned Trying To Prove There Is Life After Death


A 27-year-old British man who drowned himself earlier this year did not commit suicide but was actually conducting an experiment in near-death experiences that went too far. He was driven by his "worship" of conspiracy theorist David Icke, the deceased man’s mother now says.

Icke is a former low-level pro soccer player and sports announcer who found his true calling preaching theories about reptile aliens living among the human race.

Luke Monrose read as many of Icke’s books as he could and planned to travel to the U.K.’s Isle of Wight to meet the infamous author, speaker and media personality face-to-face. But first, he planned to see what happens after death and share the information with the world.

That’s what his mother and brother say, after reading Luke’s voluminous notes on the subject, which document his months of preparation for the ill-advised experiment.

She was unaware of what he was planning, but knew that in recent years he had become socially withdrawn, burying himself in study of Icke’s theories, and of spiritual phenomena.

"I told him he should get out more, get a girlfriend and go to the pub and get drunk but he wasn't interested," said his mother, Susan Monrose, 59, who says that she is also a spiritualist with a strong interest in life after death.

On May 17, Luke (pictured) told his mother that he was meeting friends for a drink. Instead, the young man from St. Austell in Cornwall, near England’s south coast, went to a nearby clay pit that was flooded with ice-cold water, armed only with a life jacket and goggles.

His intention was to induce hypothermia in himself, which he hoped would put him in a state close enough to death that he would experience astral projection, but that would still allow him to revive.

He knew the risks. He told his brother where he was going and to let his mother know if he did not return by the following day.

His brother, David, now says he doesn't know why he didn't do more to stop Luke from going through with his seemingly insane plan.

“If I could go back in time I would. I have to live with that now," he said. "I should have done it differently. But knowing what I knew, Luke would have done it. He was extremely focused.”

Luke's mother says that he was attempting to prove theories about life after death that he learned from Icke who was “worshipped” by her son.

“As a mother I feel resentment towards Icke,” she told the Daily Mirror. “He put life-threatening ideas into my son’s head. That I cannot forgive. I’m angry with him.”

Nonetheless, though she is devastated, she says she considers her son a hero.

“He was doing it for the universal good,” she said. “It’s what heroes and heroines do. He was like a scientist approaching their work. Scientists endanger their lives to prove this or that.”

To learn more about Icke, watch the short documentary about him, below.

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