Low-Carb Diets Violate God's Principles, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)


Many health experts recommend a low-carb diet, but Pat Robertson announced on the 700 Club today how this type of diet somehow violated "God's principles."

"You get swollen fingers, you get gout, you get all kinds of problems where you ache like crazy," claimed Robertson, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

In reality, gout is caused by too much purine produced by the body, which can result in a high level of uric acid that forms the tiny painful crystals in gout. The cause is often genetic and eating certain foods very high in protein, but can be lessened by drinking plenty of water, notes the Mayo Clinic.

It's generally recommended that people seek a doctor's advice when dieting, as everyone has different medical conditions, which allow for some foods, but not others.

Robertson added, "If you don't have some carbs in there, the carbs are the fire that burns everything completely... This thing is almost totally fat and protein, but sooner of later it violates the principles that God set down."

While there were dietary laws in the Bible addressed to the Israelites, such as not eating pigs or shellfish, there is no mention of carbohydrates.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org and Mayo Clinic


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