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Louisiana Town To Display 'In God We Trust' In Courthouse

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On Feb. 12, council members in Livingston, Louisiana, passed a resolution to display that phrase "In God We Trust" in the main entrance of the parish courthouse.

The resolution cited the phrase becoming the national motto of the United States of America on July 30, 1956, "after the country led the world through the trauma of World War II," according to the Advocate. The phrase has also been displayed on U.S. currency since 1864.

"In both war and peace, these words have been a profound source of strength and guidance to many generations of Americans," the resolution reads.

Members of the Livingston Parish council also noted that these words appear above the entrance to the Senate Chamber as well as in the House of Representatives. 

The courthouse in question is fairly new, having been built throughout 2014. The parish was required to raise $18 million in order to begin construction on the $20 million project. The old courthouse was built in 1941. Due to its age, it caused many problems that interfered with day-to-day courthouse proceedings.

"You can come in and your air might not be working that day and you just got to deal with it," said Sheriff Jason Ard last year to reporters. "Of course the parish does the best they can to keep things running. Quite frequently we have some drainage problems which causes backups in bathrooms, which at times we have to actually shut down."

The new courthouse began to hold regular hearings in January.

Sources: The Advocate, WBRZ 2

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Chris Yarzab/Flickr


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