Louisiana Ten Commandments Bill Advances


A Louisiana House of Representatives committee approved a bill yesterday to authorize a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds. The legislation provides for a privately designed and funded monument similar in size and wording to the Texas monument (left) approved by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2005 case, Van Orden v. Perry.

While the State of Louisiana already has the authority and power to erect a monument of the Ten Commandments, it is nice to see the Legislature affirmatively crafting a plan to design and install one.  The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Patrick Williams, described the monument as

an historical display to inform and enlighten the public on the role of law [in public policy]. The context is everything. . . .  The monument will show how the commandments have played a part in our national history and in our state.

It seems Gov. Bobby Jindal supports the effort, too.

But not everybody is happy about it. Rep. Rosalind Jones argued that a monument to the Napoleonic would be better and that, although most of the state has a Christian background, “we do represent a large percentage of the population that does not follow the Ten Commandments.”

Representative Jones, that sounds like an excellent reason to install the monument!


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