Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Says 'Our God Wins' (Video)


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) and possible GOP 2016 presidential candidate held his "The Response" prayer rally on Saturday in Baton Rouge.

Gov. Jindal's event included a wide variety of speakers, including self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs, who has claimed to have brought people back from the dead, and the anti-gay American Family Association, noted "The Rachel Maddow Show" (video below).

However, the main speaker was Gov. Jindal who said during his speech, "We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country," reports RightWingWatch.org (video below).

Mediaite.com notes that Gov. Jindal finished his speech by stating that the Book of Life says, "Our God wins."

ABC News host George Stephanopoulos asked Gov. Jindal on Sunday about that statement (video below).

“How do you think that lands in a country of 320 million people, of many different spiritualities, many different kinds of faith, many who believe in no god at all,” said Stephanopoulos.

In response, Gov, Jindal avoided addressing his "Our God wins" statement.

“It is a time-honored tradition, going back to our nation’s founding, for our presidents, for our leaders to turn to God for guidance, for wisdom, George Washington did it, Abraham Lincoln did it, Harry Truman did it,” Jindal replied. “So absolutely. I think this is idea of praying to God for wisdom and guidance is as old as our country."

"Secondly, look, I think we are a diverse country, obviously a majority of people are Christians, but we don’t discriminate against anybody," added Gov. Jindal. "And that’s one of the great things about America, we believe in religious liberty.”

Sources: The Rachel Maddow Show, RightWingWatch.org, Mediaite.com
Image Credit: ABC News Screenshot


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