Louisiana GOP Candidate Says Health Care Not a Right Per God (Audio)


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) debated her two Republican challengers two weeks ago. The three candidates were asked whether or not health care was a "fundamental right."

According to WhatTheFolly.com, Sen. Landrieu and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) said "yes," but Republican Rob Maness said “no.” Maness also said that he opposes the use of medical marijuana, despite the science supporting its effects on seizures, notes the American Epilepsy Society.

On his website, Maness claims that he is pro-life and opposes Obamacare, which has provided health coverage for 10 million Americans, including pregnant women.

During an interview on Mama Grizzly Radio’s “Palin Update” yesterday, Maness claimed that health care is not a fundamental right because “a fundamental right is one given to us by God that doesn’t have to be taken from another human being to be given to you,” noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

However, Maness provided no proof of God's supposed position on health care.

“What happens with health care is it’s a product, a service that has to be taken from one person or group of people and given to somebody to make that a fundamental right for them,” stated Maness. “And that’s not the American way, that’s the way of totalitarianism and authoritarianism and socialism.”

Sources: WhatTheFolly.com, RightWingWatch.org, American Epilepsy Society, RobManess.com (Image Credit: Mountainman23)


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