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Locals Demand Pastor Take Down 'Offensive' Sign Outside His Church


A homophobic pastor in Harlem uses a giant sign outside his church to make another wild and surprising assertion about President Obama concerning black men and homosexuality. Many locals have called on him to take it down.

Pastor James David Manning's bizarre sign states: "Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man." It was unveiled in front of the ATLAH World Missionary Church, which is near the corner of W. 123rd St and Lenox Ave on a Sunday.


It further states, "Look Out Black Woman. A White Homo May Take Your Man."

Nearly three years ago, Manning shocked residents with anti-Obama messages. On Wednesday, he further defended his controversial sign by stating that homosexuality has swept across Harlem as the neighborhood becomes more urbanized.

Manning said, "It's an attempt to save the black family. There is a major problem in the black family with the absence of black fathers, black husbands."


As someone who lives on the same block as the church, Rochelle Hill, stated that the locals have become tired of his messages, which included on that claimed Obama "Used Black Vote To Uncle Tom For Wall St."

She further said, "It's just appalling. It's a poor representation of our neighborhood. It's just hate."

According to Ronald Flagg, the homophobic rant was ridiculous and stated, "A church is supposed to be a place that's all inclusive. What does Obama have to do with people being homosexual? He has enough to deal with in this country."

The president of Harlem PRIDE, Carmen Neely, stated that the sign was "shameful" and "foolish."


Neely said, "This demonization is such a stark contrast from the positive progress that has been made between black churches and their same-gender loving congregants."

Donna Lieberman, New York Civil Liberties Union chief, stated that although the First Amendment protected the message, it was still shocking. This is bizarre and offensive, and shocking to see in a city like New York."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Wochit Business

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