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Little Girl Yells at Street Preacher 'Piehole Should Be Quiet!' (Video)

An unidentified young girl yelled at a street preacher who was using a megaphone in Salem, Mass., on Oct. 29.

A video (below) of the confrontation was filmed by Robert Goss-Kennedy who wrote on

Every year Salem is inundated with street preachers during our Halloween celebrations. They spend most every weekend during October telling us to "Turn or Burn." I’ve been recording their interactions with people for a couple of years now for a long running art project, and while this young guy was preaching, a little girl just ran up and started laying into him.

According to the Friendly Atheist, the little girl told the preacher, "Stop talking, no one’s listening." She later followed with, "No one wants to hear you” and “Piehole should be quiet!” notes the girl also shouted, "Zip your lips!” and “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!”

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