Liquor Store Mocks Fred Phelps’ Death with Champagne Sale (Video)


Moore Liquor in Moore, Okla. is offering 10 percent off its champagne in celebration of the recent death of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps.

Moore Liquor recently tweeted this caption, "Some will say that no death should be celebrated. We'll have to respectfully disagree."

The store also tweeted a link to a picture of their sign on Facebook offering the discount: "Fred Phelps 1929-2014" and "Champagne 10% Off! Not a Coincidence."

“Fred Phelps is the kind of guy who is very difficult for reasonable people to like, and I knew I wanted to do something that had just a little bit of humor but wasn’t too disrespectful,” Moore Liquor owner Bryan Kerr told News OK (video below).

“As you would expect, the response has been incredibly positive,” added Kerr. “There have certainly been some detractors, but 99 out of 100 responses have been supportive.”

Kerr also told The Huffington Post, "[Phelps] did so much to spread his special brand of hatred while bastardizing Christian principles that I thought it might be appropriate to recognize his lack of corporeal existence with some celebration. As a Christian myself, I truly hope that Fred found some peace with God and maybe even had a change of heart before passing."

In response to the sign, the church tweeted, "Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Slow-Learners of Moore, OK on Sunday, April 6th. @MooreLiquor @MooreLiquorMarq."

According to UPI, Moore Liquor tweeted back, "Please send the 'A' team, not the scrubs. We're gonna want a first-class protest."

Sources: The Huffington Post, UPI, Twitter, News OK, Facebook


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