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Lindsay Lohan the Target of Religious Bigotry for Her "Jesus" Portrait

An Atheist civil rights group said today that the Catholic League and other Christian advocacy groups have "no business" demanding an apology from actress Lindsay Lohan because of photographs that appeared in a French fashion magazine.

Lohan, a former Roman Catholic who is involved in an openly gay relationship, appeared recently in a robe wearing a crown of thorns and a Latin Cross. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights said that the photos were "inappropriate" due to the Lenten season, and demanded an apology from Lohan.

Dr. Ed Buckner, President of American Atheists, described Donohue's charges as "absurd," adding that the Catholic leader was "no civil libertarian and no fashionista."

"Actors, film makers and writers have a long history of being attacked by the churches, and this is just another example," said Buckner. "Ms. Lohan is in good company -- many pop stars have been the target of the Catholic League's indignation, including Madonna and Britney Spears. What Donohue seems to forget is that no one is being forced to buy albums or magazines, and that in America, churches do not dictate the content of popular culture."


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