Lifting 80-Year-Old Fortune Teller Ban Sparks Protests In Virginia


A Virginia city council repealed a 80-year-old ban on fortune telling, sparking protests again the occult.

The ban in Front Royal meant a $500 fine for clairvoyants, mediums and tarot card readers operating within the city limits. The city council struck down the ban Monday night after hearing from a packed house at Warren County Center.

Members of the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church opposed the measure, calling spiritualists the “real evil” who will open up the town to crime, the New York Daily News reported.

“The front row Main Street is a family-friendly environment and I think that having cult activities on Main Street would jeopardize that,” church member Andrew Schmiedicke told the council, according to My Fox DC.

"When they're involving a cult, you're opening yourself up to evil spirits and I would not want to do that,” he added. “I don't want my family exposed to that kind of thing.”

Medium Kelyla Spicer said the opposition amounts to racism.

“I was raised to believe that every man be treated equal in this town,” said Spicer. “We have people that moved here from big cities and just want to preach propaganda. They want to change things their way.”

The gathering Monday was the third meeting about the issue ahead of the vote.

Some members of the community expressed embarrassment about the delay.

“We have to have this debate and make our town look bad over a little ordinance that was maybe declared some 80 years ago,” Front Royal resident Sara Chichester told My Fox DC. “I just feel sad about this. It's kind of horrible.”

Sources: New York Daily News, My Fox DC

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Ann Larie Valentine


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