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Liberty Counsel Tweets Cartoon Portraying Gay Scoutmaster as Pedophile

Matt Barber, Liberty University law teacher and co-host of the Liberty Counsel radio show, recently tweeted a cartoon of a boy scout appearing be propositioned by a homosexual scoutmaster who is a pedophile.

In the cartoon, a shocked boy scout says: "To earn this new merit badge for "tolerance" I gotta' do WHAT?"

The scoutmaster has a perverted, embarrassed look on his face. 

Along with the pedophile cartoon, Barber tweets " #Protect #Our #BoyScouts,"  an apparent message to the Boy Scouts of America.

However, the organization is not proposing allowing gay scoutmasters, as the cartoon strongly suggests, but rather openly gay scouts, which contradicts the cartoon's "logic."

Barber failed to mention the numerous child molestation reports within the Boy Scouts, from 1959-1985, per a report released by the Boy Scouts of America last year and described in USA Today

There are also reports of sexual abuse of boy scouts after 1985, noted

These real life incidents took place with the gay ban in place, which Barber does not acknowledge.

Source: Twitter, USA Today,


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