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Liberals Can't Be Wise Because They Don't Fear the Lord, Claims American Family Association (Video)

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer predicted earlier this year that the Boy Scouts of America would not allow openly-gay scouts in the organization.

Of course, the Boy Scouts did, but Fischer is now claiming that wisdom only belongs to conservative Christians such as himself (video below).

On his radio show yesterday, Fischer spoke about the Bible verse Psalm 111:10, which states: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever."

Fischer then rewrote the verse "In other words, you cannot become a wise, discerning person, it's not possible unless you begin with the fear of the Lord. If you start any other place, you're not going to be wise and you;re not going to be discerning."

However, that Bible verse does not actually rule out wisdom for people who do not fear the Lord.

"That is the basic divide in our culture... The divide is between those who have a fear of the Lord, have a reverence for the Lord, and those who do not," claimed Fischer, noted

He then claimed, without evidence, that "people on the left" do not " have the fear of the Lord."

"We talk everyday for two hours about how clueless people on the left are. Why is that? Because they do not have the fear of the Lord.  You cannot be clued in, you can't be discerning, you can't be perceptive, you can't be wise unless you begin with a holy reverence for God," added Fischer.

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