LGBT History Month is 'Sexual Assault on our Children,' Claims Liberty Counsel

LGBT History Month is part of a “sexual assault on our children,” claims Liberty Counsel leader Mat Staver.

Staver released a statement today on the Christian-based Liberty Counsel website where he also claimed LGBT History Month will be focusing on “sex and murder.”

Staver is shocked that children will be learning about transgender 17-year-old Edward Araujo, who was beat to death by a group men when he was dressed as “Gwen Araujo,” as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Rather than show compassion for the murder victim, Staver is upset that children are learning about the assault:

If parents think our school children should be focused on science and math, not sex and murder, they need to talk to teachers, principals, and school boards to ensure that this program is stopped,” cautions Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

“The sexual assault on our children is mind-boggling,” Staver says.

Staver then went on to complain about New Jersey, whose Governor Chris Christie (R) signed a law on August 19 that banned discredited “ex-gay” reparative therapy, reported The Washington Post at the time.

The Liberty Counsel website said:

Earlier this week, Mat Staver was in federal court in New Jersey challenging the new law that bans minors in the Garden State from receiving counseling to overcome unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, behavior, or identity...

“Parents and concerned citizens must stand up to protect our children,” says Staver. “Enough is enough! The innocence of our children is under assault in the public schools. Parents and concerned citizens must stand up and demand that public schools focus on the essentials of learning and not become vehicles of a sexualized agenda.”

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