Lesbian Teacher Says She Was Fired From Christian School That Cites 'Awesome God'

Jaclyn Pfeiffer says she was let go from her teaching job at Aloma Methodist Early Childhood Learning Center in Winter Park, Florida, because she is a lesbian.

“When I think of like losing the job, I don’t even think about the job, I think more of the kids, and that makes me cry,” Pfeiffer told WFTV.

Pfeiffer claims rumors began swirling after her girlfriend took a job at the school. Pfeiffer says the head of the school asked her about the private relationship.

“Basically she was saying what I'm doing is not socially acceptable and I'm living a life of sin," Pfeiffer recalled.

Pfeiffer says she was terminated a few days later.

RawStory.com reports that school director Barbara Twachtman wrote in a letter to parents that Pfeiffer was no longer at the school “due to personal reasons.”

“Jaci has been a wonderful teacher and I have told her that she is very gifted with the children," Twachtman added. "I am very sad that she is leaving. I know we serve an awesome God and that He has great things for Jaci as well as great things for our school."

Twachtman advised parents in letter, "It is usually the parents that have a harder time with change than the children. So, if you are relaxed and don’t show your children any anxiety about it, they will not feel anxious."

However, one parent, Megan Gibson, pushed the school for answers and told WFTV she was told by the school that Pfeiffer had been terminated for her "lifestyle choices."

The Aloma Methodist Early Childhood Learning Center gets taxpayer money because it provides voluntary prekindergarten education, but it is exempt from local ordinances against LGBT discrimination because it falls under the umbrella of a church.

The school did not respond to media questions.

Sources: WFTV, RawStory.com, Cmgdigital.com
Image Credit: IoannesM


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