Lesbian Teacher Says Pregnancy Got Her Fired From Catholic School (Video)


Barbara Webb claims that she was fired from her teaching job at a Catholic school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, because she and her wife Kristen decided to have a baby via in vitro fertilization.

Webb says she told officials at Marian High School that she was pregnant and wanted to take a leave of absence so that she wouldn't violate her contract, which doesn't allow for any public violations of Catholic doctrine.

Webb told WXYZ that the all-girls school terminated her for her "non-traditional" pregnancy after she refused to resign (video below).

The school's president, Sister Lenore Pochelski, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) in Monroe, Michigan, which operates the school, refused to comment.

Webb wrote about the firing on Facebook on Aug. 27, and told people to "speak out against hate wherever you see it."

"This is definitely not a crusade against the school," Webb told USA Today. "This is so much more than me and Marian. It's letting people know what type of social injustice is still happening."

Webb worked for Marian High School for nine years as a chemistry teacher. She also coached volleyball and softball.

Webb claims the school gave her a choice between resigning, with health insurance if she didn't mention the incident, or just being fired.

"I really felt like resigning was a lie, to me, that was willingly leaving," stated Webb. "I was kind of compelled to just let people know the truth."

Sources: WXYZ, USA Today


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