Lesbian Asks Anti-Gay Church to Stone Her (Video)


The ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem recently made headlines when Pastor James David Manning put up a sign that read, "Jesus Would Stone Homos."

In response, self-identified lesbian Jennifer Louise Lopez went to the church on March 18 and asked to be stoned, reports The Huffington Post.

Lopez posted a video (below) on her Facebook page with the caption, "I went for my stoning for being a lesbian yesterday at ATLAH church ... watch what happened."

Lopez tells a befuddled church employee in the video, "I saw your sign and I'm here for my stoning, I'm a lesbian."

The employee eventually told Lopez to come back later.

Over the weekend, the sign was vandalized with the words "God is Gay."

“Gay people are just outright bullies,” Manning told the New York Daily News. “I expected them to act in a very violent way."

Sources: The Huffington Post, Facebook, New York Daily News


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