Lauren Odes Told to Tape Down Her Breasts by Orthodox Bosses


Lingerie maker 'Native Intimates' recently fired Lauren Odes, a former data entry worker, who claims she got canned by her Orthodox Jewish bosses for having breasts that were too large (video below).

Odes told told the New York Daily News: “When I was first told that I was too hot and that my breasts were too large, I was shocked. I thought that I was dressed appropriately every day for my job as a production assistant.”

Odes agreed to wear black jeggings, rain boots, and a gray shirt the following day. But that outfit was still enough for Odes’s female supervisor tell her: ”Lauren, try taping down your breasts to make them appear smaller.”

Odes wore another dress the next day, but was scolded for her visible bra straps. She was then told to go shopping across the street for “a sweater that comes to your ankles as an outfit” or put on a bright red bathrobe that the manager had taken off the rack.

When she picked the robe, fellow employees laughed at her, so she left the building in tears to buy another outfit. While she was out, she was fired.

Odes says she’s aware of the strict standards Orthodox Jewish folks uphold, but that the way she was treated was unacceptable: “I understand there are Orthodox Jewish men who may have their views on how a woman should dress and how much she should be covered. But I am Jewish as well and don’t feel any employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me.”


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