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Lack of School Prayer Opened Door to AIDS, Says American Family Association Of Kentucky

The American Family Association of Kentucky recently sent out an e-newsletter asking members to sign a petition calling for a law legalizing school prayer in Kentucky.

Actually, school prayer is already legal in all 50 states, if the prayer is student-led.

According to, the association claims that legalizing prayer is “one of the best ways of returning God’s protection to America.”

The group wants a law passed in Kentucky that is similar to Florida and Mississippi laws that supposedly brought prayer back into the schools.

According to the New York Times, Florida and Mississippi have passed bills requiring public schools to set up policies to make it easier for student-led prayers.

The American Family Association of Kentucky also claims in its petition that a lack of prayer in schools is responsible for numerous social problems:

Prayer was in our schools for over 200 years before the anti-God forces took it out in 1962. After prayer was removed from our schools, teen pregnancy went up 500%, STD’s went up 226%, violent crime went up 500% and SAT scores went down for 18 years in a row, opening the door for the AIDS epidemic and the drug culture.

WE NEED PRAYER BACK IN SCHOOLS! Please sign this petition.


Frank Simon, Director
American Family Association of KY

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