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Kylie Bisutti Leaves Victoria's Secret Modeling to be Christian Role Model

Four years ago, Kylie Bisutti won a Victoria's Secret model search competition, beating out 10,000 other women.

However, she recently announced on Twitter that she was leaving the fashion world with its fame and fortune to be a Christian role model.

"I don't regret anything that I have done because it's just the testament to how much I have changed since then," she said.

Bisutti has launched a Christian clothing line called God Inspired Fashion, written a book about her brief modeling career I'm No Angel" and gone on nationwide speaking tours.

In "I'm No Angel," Bisutti dishes about everything from eating disorders to nearly-nude photo shoots, which ended up on porn sites.

"It's part of the story... and it does show the change in me. I'm not really here to bash the industry. I am just here to tell what happened to me in the industry... my agency calling me a 'fat cow' when I was a 108 pounds," says Bisutti.

After winning the Victoria's Secret competition, Bisutti says she modeled for the company many times.

However, Victoria's Secret told ABC News that Bisutti exaggerated her relationship with them and her former agency claims at no time has any model been called a "fat cow."

"It's really a trap for the models. The industry encourages these girls to lose weight, calling them ugly and warning them they'll never find work. Once they do lose weight, the industry starts praising you, telling you how beautiful you are, how many jobs you'll book." Bisutti told The Christian Post.

"You have to continue to want to lose weight. I've definitely passed out multiple times [from losing weight]."

Bisutti claims that a majority of models are threatened with failure if they don't lose weight, and there were modeling shoots that required EMTs on the set.

"My cousin, who was 8, told me that she wanted to throw up her food so she'd lose weight and be beautiful like me. God just convicted my heart and opened my eyes," recalled Bisutti.

With her new fashion line, Bisutti offers shirts, pants, blazers and scarves, which all have Bible scriptures scrawled on the clothing.

"We believe [God] definitely put this idea on our hearts to have this Christian clothing line and to start it. It's just the way for me to kind of share my faith or you know share what I believe with other people," said Bisutti.

Sources: God Inspired, The Christian Post, ABC News


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