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Kirk Cameron's Christmas Movie Website Hacked by Muslims? (Video)

Christian actor Kirk Cameron is starring in a new film entitled "Saving Christmas," which he has been promoting since August and will hit theaters for two weeks in November.

Cameron uploaded a new video (below) on Sept. 29 to promote the film, which he claims was recently under attack by hackers located in Turkey, noted

"Two days after we launched the 'Saving Christmas' website, an anti-Christian group out of Turkey, of all places, hijacked our website and replaced our trailer with hate-filled propaganda, and promises to destroy everything, well, everything that Christmas is all about,” stated Cameron.

"Coincidence?" asked a puzzled Cameron. "Or does it actually prove the title of the movie." reported on Sept. 8 that the "Saving Christmas" website had been hacked by the Ayyildiz Tim International Force, according to the film company that produced "Saving Christmas."

The Islamic hackers allegedly wrote in Turkish text, included a picture of a man in armor, played a gunshot sound effect and then forwarded people to the Ayyildiz Tim Twitter page.

An unidentified translator allegedly told the “Saving Christmas” website team that the Turkish text stated: ”The Turkish spirit will shine again and the use of weapons will emerge in the nation’s history as this hero will shine again.”

However, there was no mention about opposing Christmas. Also, Ayyildiz Tim didn't mention hacking the “Saving Christmas” website on their Twitter or Facebook pages.



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