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Kirk Cameron Pushes 'Revival' To Stir Voters Up (Video)

Kirk Cameron and Ben Carson are planning to hold a live Christian broadcast, "Revive Us," via movie theaters on Oct. 18 (video below).

The event is supposed to be non-partisan, even though it is sponsored by Carson's organization, My Faith Votes, which also sponsored a meeting between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Religious Right leaders over the summer, notes Right Wing Watch.

During an interview with CBN on Aug. 31 to promote "Revive Us," Cameron stressed how God's sovereignty was in complete control of everything, but that Christians had to elect people who represent God:

In this election cycle, some people are looking for a king to wave the magic wand and fix the foreign relations, and fix the economy and racial problems. We don’t need a king, we already have a King, right? And his foreign policies are perfect. He's the ruler of the nations.

His border control is excellent. He says to the ocean, "You come this far and no further." He understands. What we need is to remember who we are and whose we are and begin electing leaders who will represent the King’s ways in our land because they’re good for everybody.

Cameron went on to advise Christians that their hope is not found in the president, U.S. Supreme Court or social media, but rather in the "power of God working in the hearts" of Christians to "revive the nation."

As part of his non-political, get-out-the-vote campaign, Cameron said that Christians should participate on Election Day because God will be working through them to bring about a solution.

Cameron and Carson, a supporter of Trump, appeared last week in a live "Tele forum" to mobilize Christians to vote, which sounded similar to the upcoming "Revive Us." During the "Tele forum," Carson shared an unusual analogy that appeared to be aimed at Christian voters who don't like Trump, noted Right Wing Watch:

I would say that when you don't vote, you are voting. And you need to understand that. That's again, the reason God gave us these complex brains. I know there are some people who say, "Well, you know, I'm a person of principle so I therefore cannot choose between the lesser of two evils." Well, I would say, "Would you like to have a paper cut?" You would say, "No, paper cuts hurt, that's pretty bad." I would say, "How about getting both of your legs chopped off?" Well, no, that hurts, that's bad too. What if you had to choose between the two? I don't think that would be a hard choice.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron And Ben Carson

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2) / Photo credit: CBN via YouTube

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