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Kim Davis Won't Say If She Would Support Muslims, Catholics Denying Marriage Licenses (Video)

Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was asked on the Fox News program "The Kelly File" on Sept. 23 if she believes in religious exemptions for Muslims and Catholics if they were to deny marriage licenses based on their faiths (videos below).

Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, defying a federal judge's court order and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling based on her Christian beliefs.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly said to Davis: "The argument on the other side is, 'Well, if we're going to give a religious accommodation to someone like Kim Davis, then we're going to have to give a religious accommodation to an untold number of people: to Catholics who don't want to issue a license to someone whose been divorced but was married in a Catholic church and didn't get it annulled, to a Muslim clerk who doesn't want to sanction the marriage of a Christian to a Muslim, and so on.' Can you understand that argument?"

"Well, I could if I thought it was a valid argument," Davis replied. "Because, simply, the fact is that marriage is defined as one man and one woman. It's not like black and white. You're not talking about a racial issue. You're not talking about, I'm just talking about marriage in general."

Kelly reminded Davis that other people in other religions have their own definitions of marriage and their own beliefs on who can and cannot marry.

"So the critics say this is a slippery slope," Kelly said. "If we’re going to bend the law or the rules for one person with one set of objections, then we’re going to have to do it for a bunch of people with other objections."

"So you have millions of Christians who object the whole same-sex marriage issue," Davis said. "Are their rights invalid? Are their rights not worth anything? I mean, it's a valid point and it's a fight worth fighting for."

Davis later recalled when she was jailed for contempt of court by Judge David Bunning: "When the marshals came around to get me, I stood up, and I thanked Judge Bunning, and I walked out with grace."

Davis said that while she was in jail she "sang praises to Him to the top of my lungs." She also claimed that "hardened criminals" inside the jail supported her.

During the same interview, Kelly asked Davis why she didn't resign from her clerk position, which reportedly pays $80,000 per year, after losing numerous times in court, notes RawStory.

Davis replied: "If I resign I lose my voice. Why should I have to quit a job that I love and that I’m good at? I’ve been a county employee and served the public well for over 26 years before I got elected. It just comes back to: they can accommodate for all sorts of issues, and we ask for one simple accommodation and we cannot receive it."

Bunning accommodated Davis when he released her from jail by saying that the deputy clerks inside her office could issue the marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but Newsweek reports that Davis physically altered the marriage licenses, which may render them invalid.

Davis reportedly crossed out "in the office of," and replaced her name and country with "Pursuant to Federal Court Order #15-CV-44-DLB," crossed out "County Clerk" and altered it to "Morehead" and changed Deputy Clerk Brian Mason's title to "notary public."

(Note: Kelly asks about Muslims and Catholics at 2:15.)

(Note: Kelly asks about resigning at 3:15.)

Sources: Fox News via YouTube (2), RawStory, Newsweek / Photo credit: Fox News Screenshot


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