Kim Davis Says She 'Affects Every Church, Every Person' That 'Loves God' (Video)


Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis told the Catholic EWTN network on Dec. 17 that her refusal to obey the law and grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples earlier in 2015 "affects every church, every person that lives and loves God" (video below).

During her interview with EWTN’s Catherine Szeltner, the Christian clerk recalled the details of her meeting with Pope Francis, which the Vatican has disputed, notes

Davis later said:

"The stand I took affects every church, every person that lives and loves God, that holds the word of God precious and dear and intimate in their lives. I’m just the first of what’s going to be very many. You can rest assured of that. And it’s not if it happens, it’ll be when it happens. And maybe my stand will encourage others who will be in the same position."

Davis is not the only one patting herself on the back, Focus on the Family's political arm CitizenLink called Davis one of its "big wins for families in 2015" because Davis was "supported by thousands."

Matt Barber, formerly of the Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm that represented Davis and continuously lost in court, wrote in a Christian Post opinion piece on Dec. 29: "While the legal case will continue to work its way through the courts, the bottom line is this: Kim Davis has won. The homofascists have lost."

Sources:, CitizenLinkThe Christian Post / Photo credit: EWTN Screenshot

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