Kim Davis' Lawyers Use Tom Hanks Video To Praise Davis


The Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm that represents Kim Davis, posted a Tom Hanks-Kid President video (below) on Oct. 21 to praise the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who tried to stop same-sex marriages.

The video, entitled "Kid President Talks to Tom Hanks about Heroes!" makes no mention of Davis, but the Liberty Counsel posted it on Facebook with the caption: "'A hero is someone who walks into harms way to protect others.' Because of Kim Davis's courageous stand, others are standing up and speaking out for our religious liberties."

Hanks tells Kid President, a.k.a. Robby Novak, in the video produced by Soul Pancake:

You know, I once read that the definition of a hero is someone who voluntarily walks into harms way to protect others now, maybe they are walking in to save somebody, like a fireman. heroes, teachers, heroes. 

Hanks never mentions Davis, but does call civil rights icon Rosa Parks a "courageous American."

In more Liberty Counsel news, the law firm's head Mat Staver accused the Associated Press on Oct. 20 of placing "lives in danger" by referring to the organization as a "hate group," notes

The headline of the Associated Press' story on Oct. 4 read: "Law firm labeled as hate group leading Kim Davis’ crusade.”

The labeling was done by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Associated Press did include Staver's objection in the same story: "It is irresponsible and reckless to call someone a hate group because you disagree with them."

However, has documented numerous hate-filled, anti-gay statements made by the Liberty Counsel.

Sources: Facebook,,, Associated Press / Photo Credit: Soul Pancake/YouTube Screenshot


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