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Kim Davis' Lawyer Says She Won't 'Violate Her Conscience' (Video)

Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Thursday that his client Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses, will be returning to work on Monday (video below).

Davis was jailed last Thursday by Judge David Bunning for contempt of court for refusing lawful court orders to issue the marriage licenses in accordance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in July that legalized gay marriage. Bunning released Davis on Tuesday.

Staver said that Davis will not "violate her conscience," but didn't know what Davis would do at work, notes

Kelly asked Staver if Davis was willing to go back to jail, but Staver said that was Davis' decision.

Kelly claimed that the attacks on Davis have been "remarkable" and then played clips of various TV personalities joking about Davis' four marriages, her husband and her appearance.

Staver claimed that Davis doesn't hate anyone, gave her life to Jesus, loves God and loves people.

Staver also said that Davis just wants an accommodation for her Christian faith, which Bunning has already granted.

When he released Davis on Tuesday, Bunning said the deputy clerks in Davis' office could issue the marriage licenses as they were doing while she was jailed.

However, Liberty Counsel lawyers filed a motion on Friday with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to not allow anyone to get married by the Rowan County clerk office, which would tie the hands of the deputy clerks, reports Buzzfeed.

Sources:, Fox News via YouTube, Buzzfeed / Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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