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Kim Davis' Lawyer: 'Never Really Been About A Marriage License' (Video)

Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis repeatedly denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples (video below) and refused to allow the deputy clerks in her office to issue the licenses, but now Davis' lawyer is claiming the legal controversy was never about the same-sex marriage licenses.

Mat Staver, of the Christian-based Liberty Counsel law firm, said in a statement on Oct. 13: "It has never really been about a marriage license — Rowan County has issued the licenses — it is about [the plaintiffs] forcing their will on a Christian woman through contempt of court charges, jail, and monetary sanctions," reports NBC News.

In reality, Davis would not issue same-sex marriage licenses and would not allow her deputy clerks to issue the licenses, which caused her to be jailed for contempt of court in September by Judge David Bunning, noted

Bunning released Davis five days later on the condition that she not interfere with her deputy clerks issuing the marriage licenses, reported CNN.

Davis' lawyers also stated in a court filing on Oct 13: "Marriage licenses are being issued in Rowan County, which [Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear] and Kentucky attorney general have approved as valid, which are recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and which are deemed acceptable by the couples who received them."

However, Staver told the media on Sept. 4 that the same-sex marriage licenses issued by the deputy clerks "are not worth the paper they’re written on,” noted The Washington Post.

“It is our position and the position of the clerk of Rowan County, Kim Davis, that those licenses are void,” Staver confidently claimed.

NBC News notes that Davis unilaterally made changes to the marriage licenses, removing Rowan County, her name and references to the deputy clerks.

The American Civil Liberties Union is now calling for the Rowan County clerk's office to be placed into receivership, which would put someone else in authority instead of Davis.

But the Liberty Counsel is insisting that's not necessary as the same-sex marriage licenses are valid.

Sources: CNN,, The Washington Post, NBC News / Picture Credit: ABC News Screenshot


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