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Same-Sex Couple Receives Marriage License From Kim Davis' Deputy Clerk (Video)

Shannon and Carmen Wampler-Collins, a lesbian couple, got a marriage license on Sept. 14 at the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk's office while a Christian onlooker shouted at them (video below).

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis issued a statement that morning about how she wouldn't interfere with her deputy clerks issuing licenses, but would not have her name associated with the licenses. She then returned to work at her office.

Paris Lewbel, a reporter for ABC 36 in Lexington, Kentucky, tweeted a picture of Davis' office with the caption: "Clerk #KimDavis is inside her office with the blinds closed. A Rowan Co. Sheriff's deputy is standing guard outside." notes the lesbian couple were issued a marriage license by a deputy clerk, while an unidentified man shouted:

"It's your sin that brought you here! Your sin, your sin is going to be your demise and separate you from God! Because He loves you, He is calling you to himself today! It tells us in the scripture that God warns the craving of the wicked! What you long for, you can’t satisfy yourself, only God can satisfy your needs!

"...It’s an oxymoron! A marriage is between one man and one woman ... You're putting on a show, this is all drama. This is not true, it is not real! It's is all pretend! But for some reason the whole nation believes this myth that you believe is somehow true! It is not true!

"It is a lie from the pit of Hell that destroys those who participate in homosexual sodomy, and destroys nations that approve of that! So young ladies, today, today God is calling you to himself!"

Sources: CNN via YouTube,, Paris Lewbel/Twitter / Photo credit: CNN screenshot


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