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We Should Be Outraged Over The Chapel Hill Shooting

The debate and mystery continues over the shooting death of the three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, about a week ago. Was it a hate crime or just a parking dispute that got out of hand?

Regardless of the answer to that question, many Muslims, here in the United States and around the world, have also questioned the media and public response to the shooting. They have noted that for the most part there has been little discussion or outrage about the killings. And they wonder if this is because the dead are Muslims

There was even the Twitter theme that mimicked the one that sprouted after Ferguson and other incidents involving blacks being killed. #MuslimsLivesMatter became a trending topic following the incident and the low key response from authorities. One tweet summed up the outrage from many Muslims with this:

“The entire world and media revolted during #JeSuisCharlie, none of them made a sound in #ChapelHillShooting. Humanity is disgusting.”

-  @iShewaani

Another person tweeted:

“Imagine if a Muslim guy shot three North Carolina students (of any ethnicity). @FoxNews would be screaming about terror. #ChapelHillShooting


It even took President Obama longer than it should have to publicly say something about this incident. But at least he finally did. “No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship,” Obama said in a news conference.

There are those, including police authorities, who are trying to say this incident is not about a hate crime, or the shooter, Craig Hicks, being anti-Muslim. They say he shot the three students because of a dispute over a parking disagreement.

Whether that was the final straw or not, the issue still remains that even without knowing the true motive there was, and still is, way too much silence about this triple homicide.

Bottom line is that senseless killings of anyone, hate crime or not, should outrage us all, regardless of religion or ethnicity. But these deaths prove they don’t. Some lives seem to matter more than others unfortunately. Incidents like this really drive that point home.

Photo Credit: NBC


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