Kids Are Losing 'Yuck Factor' Against Gays, Warns Christian Radio Host (Audio)


Christian radio host and author Linda Harvey plugged her new book Maybe He’s Not Gay yesterday during an interview with fellow anti-gay Christian radio personality Sandy Rios of the American Family Association.

According to, Harvey told Rios how her book is supposed to explain to young people why homosexuality is morally wrong (audio below).

Harvey also worried that the "yuck factor" that kids should feel about gays was "being taken away."

“What’s happening to children is the whole reason I got into this issue to begin with because they are being manipulated at very impressionable ages,” stated Harvey.

“...The yuck factor is being taken away from our kids and that is a huge preventive issue and a common sense issue on homosexuality where people know, wait I would never do that, yeah that’s a basic instinct that God has given you and it’s the right one,” added Harvey.

Harvey told The Christian Post earlier this month that she pulled Maybe He’s Not Gay from Amazon because of the bad reviews.

"I saw the rotten reviews, a smear campaign by those who had not read the book, and the publisher attempted to get Amazon to pull the ad hominem reviews, but they were not immediately responsive," stated Harvey.

"So, since the book is brand new and I didn't want it to be harmed by this uninformed and vicious campaign stimulated by gay bloggers, I decided to pull the page for now," claimed Harvey.

The Kindle edition of Maybe He’s Not Gay is now being offered on Amazon, but has gotten a mix of praise and scathing reviews.

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