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Kenyan Pastor Orders Women to Leave Bras and Panties at Home in the Name of Christ

WWJD? A pastor in Nairobi, Kenya ordered female churchgoers to free themselves in the name of Christ—by showing up to services without bras or underwear.

The Kenyan Daily Post reports that “Reverend Njohi” of Propeller Redemption Church told female congregants that they should not come to church with their undergarments on. The reverend claimed that such accouterments were ungodly and prevented women from being free in “body” and “spirit” to receive Christ. He also told mothers to check their daughters to make sure they weren’t preventing God from entering their bodies.

Njohi warned the women of dire consequences if they did not comply, but, as Metro points out, failed to say men should “leave their pants at home as well.”

The next church service, the women were indeed free, according to one female churchgoer—the women showed up without bras and underwear under their clothes, just as the pastor ordered.

According to radio station Citi 97.3, however, the story doesn’t end there: residents of the eastern suburb of Nairobi, called Dandora Phase 2, marched one of the senior pastors to the church and demanded he open its doors. They then vandalized the church and stole the pastor’s phone and money.

Sources: Kenyan Daily Post, Metro, Citi 97.3


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