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Kentucky Woman Beats Disabled Man With His Own Cane, Police Say (Video)

Laura Reid was arrested on Jan. 5 at the Hall of Justice in Louisville, Kentucky, for allegedly beating a disabled man on Oct. 20, 2015, for not believing in God. Her arrest warrant was issued on Oct. 29 (video below).

Police said that Reid, 49, was visiting the man at his home when the incident occurred, WDRB notes. She reportedly asked him if he believed in God and then became enraged over his answer (which may have been a joke). She then picked up his metal cane and began beating him with it.

Reid remained at the man's home for three more hours and allegedly left with his cellphone, keys, $50 and credit cards.

The man later crawled to a gas station where an ambulance and police were called. He was transported to a local hospital for a concussion, broken arm and numerous minor injuries.

Reid was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deputies, booked at Louisville Metro Corrections, and charged with assault, robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

Sources: WDRB, WAVE / Photo Credit: WDRB Screenshot, Louisville Metro Corrections

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