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Kentucky Rally For Christian Clerks Who Won't Issue Gay Marriage Licenses (Video)

The Family Foundation of Kentucky held a rally last Saturday on behalf of three county clerks who are refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay people because of their deeply-held Christian religious beliefs (video below).

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, Whitley County Clerk Kay Swartz and Casey County Clerk Casey Davis drew cheers from the crowd during the rally in front of the state capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky, noted WKYT.

"I need your prayers ... to continue to stand firm in what we believe, Kim told the crowd.

Kent Ostrander, the head of Family Foundation of Kentucky, told the audience: "This is not an anti-gay or anti-lesbian rally."

In 2004, Ostrander pushed for an amendment to Kentucky's constitution that would have forbid state courts from overturning Kentucky's ban against gay marriage, noted the Baptist Press.

In 2007, Ostrander fought against medical coverage and other benefits for the same-sex partners of employees of the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, reported The Courier-Journal.

After a federal judge struck down Kentucky's ban on gay marriage in 2014, Ostrander said the ruling was "tantamount to a declaration of martial law on marriage policy by federal judges," noted OneNewsNow.

Sources: OneNewsNow,Baptist Press, The Courier-Journal, WKYT / Photo Credit: WKYT Screenshot


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