Kentucky Christian Homeless Shelter Kicks Women Out For 'Ungodly Sex' (Video)


The Emergency Christian Ministries homeless shelter has kicked all women out of its facility in Williamsburg, Kentucky, because they were reportedly having "ungodly sex" with men. It is now a male-only shelter (video below).

"They may want to meet or even slip in a room occasionally," shelter director Billy Woodward told WYMT. "We can't have that. It seems like these last days it's getting worse, the ungodly type."

Woodward insisted he wasn't discriminating against women.

"It takes two to do that," Woodward added. "We shelter more men than women. We are not biased or prejudice whatsoever."

Woodward has ejected 10 to 12 women from the shelter over the past two weeks and now only accepts males at the shelter. Boys can stay at the shelter if they are with their fathers.

"Right now, no, because of the female factor," Woodward said, explaining that women and girls are not allowed at the shelter. The director hopes this will solve  the "sex problem," report WYMT and the Mirror.

"I guess I'm a little old school, but the first people off the boat were the women and children," Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison commented to WYMT.

The Christian shelter is the only homeless shelter in Williamsburg, notes the Daily Mirror.

The women are being told to go to a female-only shelter in Gray, Kentucky, about 30 minutes away.

Sources: WYMT, Mirror / Photo credit: WYMT Screenshot

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