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Kansas Pastor Receives Death Threats for Performing Gay Marriages (Video)

A federal judge ruled that same-sex marriages are allowed in Kansas back on Nov. 4, but the state is appealing that decision.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Nov. 18 that same-sex marriages could take place in Johnson County, Kansas, while the state appeals the federal judge's ruling.

The state's high court didn't rule on whether gay marriage could take place in all counties, noted Reuters.

Pastor Jackie Carter, of the First Metropolitan Community Church in Wichita, has been officiating gay marriage ceremonies since the state’s ban was struck down on Nov. 4.

“Legally, we don’t know what comes next from the courts,” Pastor Carter told KSN in November. “We’re just going to go ahead and get married, and then they [State of Kansas] will have to figure out what to do with us.”

Pastor Carter recently said that she was getting death threats for performing gay marriages and claimed there has been vandalism at the church.

“When you’re here and the phone rings, and there’s heavy breathing and two seconds later the doorbell rings and then somebody’s throwing rocks through the windows," Pastor Carter told KSN (video below). "All those things combined create fear.”

“We have people outside now on Sundays to make sure people get in safely. You shouldn’t have to do that. We’re in the United States where we pride ourselves on freedom,” added Pastor Carter.

“I’m not going to change my message of inclusion, I’m not going to change my message of love, and I’m not going to stop marrying people. I’m going to keep it up,” stated Pastor Carter. “This is ridiculous hatred that has no place in this city or state or this country,”

Sources: Reuters, KSN


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