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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Writes 'Jesus + Mary' on Anti-Abortion Bill

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed an anti-abortion bill last Friday that blocks tax breaks for abortion providers, forces doctors to tell patients about an unproven link between abortion and cancer, and states that life begins "at fertilization."

Before Gov. Brownback signed HB 2253 into law, he also wrote “JESUS + Mary” at the top of the bill, reported the Associated Press.

"All human life is sacred. It's beautiful," Brownback said. "With this, we continue to build this culture of life in our state."

"Politicians should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions about her pregnancy," Peter Brownlie, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri said in a statement. "Let's let real physicians practice medicine, not the 'pretend doctors' in the Statehouse."

While the new law declares life begins at fertilization, it's apparently symbolic only. The new law also specifically states that any rights suggested by the bill's language are limited by the U.S. Supreme Court on abortion.

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