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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to Speak at Religious Rally to 'Take This Country Back'

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) is scheduled to speak at an "Awakening Freedom Tour" on Feb. 8 at the Lexena Baptist Church in Lenexa, Kan.

The "Awakening Freedom Tour" is sponsored by the Culture Shield Network, a Kansas-based ministry.

According to Donna Lippoldt, founder and director of Culture Shield Network, the purpose of the "Awakening Freedom Tour" is to encourage "freedom fighters" to "take this country back" and "cause a revolution."

“We need revival, we need a Great Awakening, but it is time to cause a revolution,” Lippoldt told OneNewsNow. “We need to get some freedom fighters up and going to take this country back."

The phrase "taking this country back" started during the 2010 mid-term elections, notes The Huffington Post.

The Examiner reported that the phrase originated with the Tea Party Express, which wanted to "'take the country back' from Democratically elected Senators and Representatives, and the fellow Americans that put them there."

Sources: OneNewsNow, The Huffington Post, The Examiner


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