Josh Duggar Claims Only One Country Has Redefined Marriage, But 19 Have (Video)

Josh Duggar, of the Christian-based Family Research Council, recently claimed that only one country in the world had redefined marriage.

Duggar was in Washington D.C. for the anti-gay March For Marriage last Saturday when he told CNSNews.com (video below), "This is fundamental because only one other country in the entire world has ever redefined marriage and that was Brazil when they stepped in through the court system to do that."

However, according to the Pew Research Center, there are actually 19 countries that have legalized (redefined) marriage. Brazil did legalize marriage in 2013, but The Netherlands was the first country to do so back in 2000.

Duggar repeatedly said that the states should be allowed to decide marriage via voting, not the courts, but the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on marriage 14 times, according to the American Foundation For Equal Rights.

Duggar, who often speaks out against gay marriage (video below), also claimed that there was an agenda to silence folks like himself:

Well, you know, I think that right now in America there is an agenda to silence people of faith, those who hold a dissenting opinion. That's not what America was founded on. America was founded on respect, tolerance, and really not discriminating against people based on their religious convictions.

However, Duggar does support discriminating against gay people when it comes to marriage.

Another Christian organization, CitizenLink, posted a video (below) of the March For Marriage, which featured speakers (including Duggar) who claimed that heterosexual marriage and families will somehow be threatened if the U.S. Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is legal.

Sources: CNSNews.com, Pew Research Center, CitizenLink, American Foundation For Equal Rights
Image Credit: CNSNews.com Screenshot


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