Jordan's King Abdullah II Tells Fellow Muslims Fighting Religious Extremism Is A Shared Responsibility

Jordan’s King Abdullah II recently called on fellow Muslims to fight against religious extremism in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks that killed at least 129 people. 

As part of his Nov. 15 remarks made before opening a new session of parliament, Abdullah said, according to Agence France-Presse, that terrorist groups “threaten many countries in the region and beyond, which makes confronting extremism a shared regional and international responsibility.”

"However, this collective responsibility, in its essence, is our fight as Muslims against those who aim to turn our societies and future generations towards fanaticism and extremism," he said. 

Al-Bawaba reports Abdullah called the extremist ideology “takfiri” which is a specific term referencing a radical Islamic practice of naming one’s enemies to be infidels worthy of death.

The speech did not specifically reference the Paris attacks, but Abdullah has previously condemned them as a “cowardly terrorist act.”

Jordan is part of the U.S.-led coalition that has launched airstrikes against the Islamic State, the group that controls portions of Iraq and Syria and has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. 

“Jordan will continue to fight attempts to tarnish our true righteous religion because the fight against these forces of evil, darkness and terror is our fight, especially since we are the primary target of the enemies of Islam,” Abdullah said.

Sources: Yahoo (AFP Story), Al-Bawaba / Photo credit: Patrik Neckman/Flickr

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