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Jim Lawry Claims to See Image of Jesus in Bird Poop (Video)

Jim Lawry stopped at McDonald’s for dinner recently in Brooklyn, Ohio, where he noticed some bird poop on his windshield, which he claims looks like Jesus Christ, from the inside of his car (video below).

“The amazing thing is, whenever you get inside the car… I mean, it’s like a perfect portrait,” said Lawry, reports

There are no known pictures or even drawings of what Jesus Christ actually looked like, but Lawry insisted: “It’s like Jesus staring right at me! Absolutely amazing! It looks so clear to me.”

Lawry posted the video to YouTube on Monday and wrote: “A bird pooped on my car windshield and when I got inside the view was like Jesus looking down on Me. I had family + friends get in my car and they too were a bit amazed. Wanted to share this with you.”



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